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Qishare 34pcs Tinned Copper Wire Heavy Duty Lugs

Product information
  • SAFE&HIGH CONDUCTIVITY MATERIAL--Pure copper cable lug with excellent conductivity characteristics. Made from Full Annealed copper tubular with tinned surface for corrosion protection, has a long life performance.
  • EASY&CONVENIENT--Easy installation, convenient to connect wires, save time and effort in operation. P.S. the cable and the wire lugs must be inserted in place and crimped with professional tools.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS--Widely used in the wire connection for Back-up Distribution Box & Power & Battery Banks, Welding & Marine Grade Cables, ATVs, RVs & Golf Carts, Solar Panels & Inverter Cables, Home applications, etc.
  • VARIOUS SPECIFICATIONS MEET YOUR NEEDS--Including 7 sizes, total 34pcs: 4pcs 1/0 AWG 3/8”; 4pcs 1/0 AWG 5/16”; 4pcs 2 AWG 3/8”; 4pcs 2 AWG 5/16”; 6pcs 4 AWG 3/8”; 6pcs 4 AWG 5/16”; 6pcs 6 AWG 3/8”.
  • WELL PACKAGED&WARRANTY--Packed in a rugged convenient re-sealable plastic storage case. 24-month Qishare Warranty with Amazon 30 days Full Refund Guarantee.               
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